Sell Used Undergarments

(No screening process Required, However, We need 100% deposit will

be required before shipping)



Pick one out of our pricing and plan. If you have any question, please email us for your detailed plan.

Deposit 100% will be required and you don't have to finish the screening process to buy this underwear.

However, we will need your address to recieve this item.

We do not take responsibility for missing or stolen shipping packages.

So please, be serious about purchasing items.

Customize your Favorite undergarments

You can let us know your desired undergarments to buy or we can send underwear that Fawn already owns even in website profile photos

Define your message

We will ship professionally and you don't have to worry about privacy and safety matters.

We will double seal and You will also get the JEPG photo. So, now you know, that underwear is worn by Fawn.

Once payment has been received, panties are shipped via post directly to Fawn.


Once your underwear is ready to ship, we will give you estimated time arrivals and shipping noticement.

Once you recieved message from us, you will get the panties within 2-5 business days.

Why should I buy Fawn's undergarments?

Forever anonymous(Even Fawn!)

Keeping the happy memory 

No transaction fees

Enlargement your joys

Verified Provider Reviews

Thoughtful Packaging for panties &photos

Shipping the worn undergarments after purchase should be arranged between thirdparty agent and you once we recieved your payment through Digital method. Fawn does not take responsibility for any shipping arrangements of the worn undergarments. The buyer must discuss how much you will going to pay for the shipping depends on distance (USA ONLY).

All underwear selling do not include shipping costs in the price because the seller is not aware of where the buyers will be located. So, we are not sure what the shipping costs will be. 

This shipping process will be handled by third parties but you will get tracking number and all the information to make sure your purchase is legit.

To remain anonymous, Fawn team utilizes the buyers address as the default return address on the order package.

Therefore, the buyer should ensure that they give the seller the exact address because if the wrong address is provided, problems will occur.